Alpaca wool - more than a tradition

These textiles are traditionally used as blankets or bed covers (to protect Andean people from freezing temperatures in the winter time), but easily transition as throw rugs or act as unique pieces, draped over the back of a sofa or hung on the wall, the possibilities are endless! We are certain the texture, colour and quirks of each textile will make a wonderful addition to your home.

Our blankets are mainly sourced from small remote villages (Cuzco, Arequipa and Puno) around the Andean mountains of Peru and they are approximately 20 to 60 years old. Using the same techniques as countless generations before them, their origins are from the Inca civilization and the tradition of weaving has been passed through many generations of Andean cultures. These blankets have been hand-woven from hand-spun alpaca and sheep wool using a traditional back strap loom, every rug is made from 2 pieces of loomed fabric sewn together in the looms and the wool is 100% natural coloured. Artisans take about a month to complete one of these beautiful blankets. From start-to-finish, they are made in a fair-trade environment.  They are luxuriously thick and each one is unique in colour, texture and design. We work directly with communities in Peru so you can choose the one you like the most.

Through your purchase you help give the artisans working with us an opportunity to continue using they art in Textiles to sustain their culture and way of life.
There may be (NOT ALL OF THEM) slight imperfections or small marks such as candle wax as some of the artisans choose to weave at night under candle light (whilst all rugs are hole free). We love it when we find these imperfections as it adds character to the pieces, making each one truly unique.

Note: colours may appear differently depending on the screen you are viewing from.
Care instructions: Dry clean or use a carpet cleaner foam and a soft brush and let air dry.